Yesterday the team went to Happy Valley to celebrate our friend Blake's b-day. Happy Valley is an enormous, strange, otherworldly Chinese theme park on the Southern outskirts of the city. Completely amazing. It's home to some of the scariest rides I've ever been on, although it might of been me worrying about Chinese safety regulations while I'm being hurled into the sky that really scared me.

Some pictures:


"Shangria-la" (Tibet)

"Ant Kingdom"

Terrifing ride in "Lost Maya"

"Aegean Harbor"


Anonymous said...

...Talk about scary rides, I took Leif, Catalina, Chad and Alesh to MIA this AM for their Colombia Adventure! Leif was super cute this morning with his fuzzy, dark blue, doggy pants, I "heart" Daddy long sleeve t, and a white, pom topped hat-sound asleep when I dropped them, typically late, I wonder how long he slept....Hopefully there was no Leif Show on the 10:30 flight to Colombia....I may just come to China to go to Happy Valley...can I get a job there???? I can be the jolly and hip American- Granny T!!!!!! sneakers and a Hawaiian shirt will be my uniform.....


about us said...

that park looks insane, like every park i've been to in my whole life, all together in ONE; even the tibetan part. wow.

today i had some crazy seminar of thai massage. it was grand though exhausting. i seem to be a natural but damn that stuff is extra-physical.

inspired by your blog and by having something of mine on-line, i've created my own blog of something and nothing. i cannot post videos and have some new work i'd love for you to see. when i get my shit straight i'll mail you a care package with a dvd. don't hold your breath just prepare to be surprised by some monsterous stuff.

keep the posts coming and include yourselves in some of the fotos next time. inform sylvia that she needs to get on the ball and email some pictures.

love you...