Taken yesterday morning on my walk around Hollywood Florida


I'm in FLORIDA seeing family and trying to rest.  It's nice to talk to and be around artists.

Oh, but that Beijing feeling.  I already miss that crowded, everyday-on-top-of-everyone-else type of necessary communication in China, contrasted with football field length parking lots of lonely commuting.

Outside the house are house upon house.  Territorial.


oil, glitter, rhinestones on canvas


oil on fabric

I've been attracted to paisley recently and have been trying patterned painting on pre-existing fabric.  (Like previous paintings "Pastoral" and "French Roses.")  Ariel said this painting is very Peter Max, but it's probably just because it's paisley.  The colors may be brighter than appear on screen.

After some thought, I'm just not feeling the last painting I posted.  I love the idea of "Franch Style"; a portmanteau of a noun and adjective, close but incorrect enough to be uncomfortable, but I want to try again for a more successful result.