The latest in my China saga; my blog is blocked on the mainland. I'm not sure if this is temporary or not, but blogger pages are not accessible. Someone on this site got in some sort of trouble, I imagine, and now the entire site is blocked off.

It's easy to tell if a page is blocked; type in a URL for something that you cannot see in China, e.g. NPR.org, and a page will instantly come up saying the site cannot be accessed and give you a generic error message. Not all is lost, however, as I've found a slew of free sites that break firewalls, so I can now see and access my site using one of these services, not to mention the BBC, Wiki and the aforementioned NPR. However, never post anything on my page that in anyway criticises the Chinese government or post any kind of provocative Chinese info, otherwise I will delete it right away. I don't want trouble, that's for sure.

Chad: Good luck with your doctor's visit. Please keep me informed.

On a lighter note, this is a picture of my sweet new ride taken right outside the front door of my building. (It's the silver one, dead center.)

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about us said...

the chinese government is AWESOME!
your bike is super cool too.
smell you later-----