So, I've been hired by another tutoring company, but the difference is students come to my apartment and I already have two students scheduled to come meet me tomorrow, so I have to plan some sort of lesson even though I know nothing about their English level. What I really love, however, is that I get paid per class in cash, so I don't have to worry about non-payment or sketchy payment policies. This company seems to have a much larger student base than the other schools I've signed up for, who actually only got me one interview. My boss is this charming guy named Milton, an older Beijinger who chain smokes, is highly opinionated and drives on the sidewalk. He's great.

I might also have a job teaching police officers English in preparation for the Olympics, although I will know for sure tomorrow.

Silvia and I ate Yunnan food yesterday; incredible. Floral tea served very sweet and infused with teak and woody flavors, fish in guava, chicken sausages wrapped in banana leaves, eggs scrambled with some sort of crunchy, pale green flowers...

http://www.flickr.com/photos/silviaelena/ <--- Oh, and pictures from Silvia, lots and lots.


Dadkle said...

You are tying your scarf in the manner many fashionable young NYC men currently favor- it is an affect that is both stylish and warm. You are on your way to becoming a true International Man of Style.
Please email me when you've arrived.

Dadkle said...

Let me clarify: Please email when you're arrived at true International Man of Style status.
If your new-found status does not allow you to communicate please sneer in a suitably elevated way and I will understand/feel condescended to/be grateful. Fawningly Yours,