Saturday we all trekked to literally the middle of nowhere to this small village in Chaoyang (still in Beijing... this city is tremendous) to see an art show and meet a friend I'd been e-mailing back and forth since before I'd come to China named Wei, and we also met her friend Blake, an American who speaks incredibly good Mandarin. She had a few drawings in the show, and as a whole the show was decent, but hit and miss. Afterwards, we all ate pickled chicken's feet skin, spicy cold tofu, radishy salad, stewed pork and baby eels in a cavernous restaurant and then drank whiskey at Blake's house until the wee hours.

I'm swamped with tutoring jobs, so I'm no longer worried. I have five students already, and one I am meeting Tuesday through Friday. I have Mondays off, but work a little bit every other day. I want to start taking classes soon, and there is a local school that provides incredibly cheap Mandarin lessons. I might do that along with hiring a Chinese tutor.

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