franch style faguo fengge
acrylic, marker, oil and graphite on canvas

As I move into more messy, more aggressive and more graphic painting, I still feel that the work fits into the same context of other pieces I've created this year.  This painting, along with previous works like Pastoral and LV, are like failed luxury.  The bottom phrase Faguo fengge is the Chinese romanization of 法国风格, which means "French style," unlike the intentionally incorrect "Franch."

This weekend I saw a solo show from Spanish duo Bestue Vives in Magician Space in 798.  The work had a great, simultaneously clever and dumb humor that was completely infectious.  Above is a Dada art-asshole comedic piece, Acciones en Casa, which is well worth watching.


gouache and marker on canvas

Acrylic, marker and oil on fabric

torn checkerboard
oil and glitter on canvas

Three new paintings.  I've been looking at patterns, aggressive color combinations and design.


English First apparently also teaches Chinese classes in Beijing.

Although I'm not sure I'd agree with learning Chinese through them when private tutoring and small schools are literally everywhere, they have a wonderful ad campaign that should really draw in students!  There is basically no competition against this kind of slick ad amongst the low budget or uncreative Chinese teaching companies in Beijing.




Outsider painting from Yvette's Bridal shop in Panama City, Florida.  She has an eye-melting website selling a lot more of these pieces; a conflagration of midi music, broken design, poor attempts at foreign languages, occult gibberish and photos of the "artistes."  Price of above? An even one million dollars.


oil on fabric

I've been working on this for longer than I usually do with my work, on and off for a few months.  It's also a bit larger than I usually work and contains more detail amongst the messiness.  The paint is applied thickly and resembles blue icing.