News: I start working full time next week with a new contract including more pay, vacation, sick days and the like, plus paid time off for Chinese New Year. A lot more hours.

I miss my family. Hello. I love you all. More pictures to come.



burning money to make money

block housing



Great Leif of China

(Let me know if you got home safe, -R)


Chad, Cat and baby just left a couple of hours ago. We had a great trip and I'm really sad to see them go, although it'll be good to get baby back on a predicable Miami schedule.

Our last night was perfect; we saw impressive Beijing opera acts near the old hutongs at Qianmen, randomly stumbled across a group of fan dancers practicing outside of a closed bank, drank a few beers in a hostel courtyard house and a had a last minute scurry of packing. (Chad, you left a shirt.) I miss them.

The Chinese absolutely loved the baby, I'm assuming because of his exotic blue eyes, unbelievable cuteness and light hair. A lot of "beautiful," "cute," "he looks like a doll" in Chinese followed by light jabs, small gifts and waitresses picking him up and walking him around.

It's been raining and is unusually cold this morning. In a couple hours Ariel and I are moving our things into a new house in a new area, if the moving people understood me over the phone. I will post our new address soon. Lots of things to do. Work starts again in two days. I'm reseting and resettling.


So, very China news... I haven't been able to check my mail for two months because they locked all the mailboxes and I've been unable to get my key for my box. My landlord told me yet again today that he couldn't do it, so my solution was to violently tear the face of the box off with a discarded comb handle with all my might, eventually breaking the comb. Go American ingenuity! I was then treated with eleven letters all at once! Wow, so I want to thank Cindy, Linda, Scott, Ariel and Billie for their letters and it feels so great to find such an avalanche of reading from everyone!


我双胞胎哥哥嫂子侄子过来北京旅行。 Chad and Cat are seeing China. We all got a bit sick from some airborne thing Chad dragged from an airplane, but we're hanging on. Green tea, alleyway neighborhoods, an old shoe shop, an over-sized palace, fiber bars, eyeless musicians, baby attention, photographs, art supplies, sleepy, grey skies, 20 cent beer, coffee, temples, strolling with a stroller, empty bottles of water, lotus blossoms, expensive malls, dancing in parks, a long absence...




baby and me

"My mother told me I have to take picture hugging the baby, okay?"