Today I met two new students: a 13 year old ballet dancer girl whose favorite city in America is "Disneyland," and a 16 year computer nerd boy who wants to go to MIT. I really like both of them, and let's see how it works out. Tommorrow I have three students; I'll be busy all day.

Anyone who wants to send me something, try this address. It has nearly every bit of information I can think of. You don't need to worry about writting characters, this should work, just make sure the spelling is exact. The neighborhood in which I live is called "Wudaokou," and is pronounced like woo dow (rhymes with cow) coe.

Ross Harris
Dong Wang Zhuang #22-3-502
Haidian (Wudaokou)
100083 BEIJING


miss v said...

my favourite city in america is...YOU!

Terri said...

Howdy Ross, It's amazing how your address rhymes with one of my favorite Chinese words...Seems like your are making your mark and hopefully will become rich and famous, establish your own dynasty--of Ross and become this crazy guru---mythical creature that generations of Chinese will host celebrations in your honor!!!!
ahh...a mother can only dream...