Today I bought some books at 王府井书店 (Wangfujing bookstore) for a couple of my students. The English language section covers an entire floor of this building; literally thousands of books. There is even a series of books that feature the characters from Friends teaching grammar and colloquial English, which, I'm sure, is not officially licensed. Also, prices are low enough that I can easily afford to buy whatever looks like it might be of some use.

Silvia bought a bootleg collection of just about every movie (around 30 films) every made by German director Rainer Fassbinder. For some reason, this also includes "Water Drops on Burning Rocks," which is a Francois Ozon film incorrectly labeled and just thrown in the box set.

Blogger is still blocked in China, folks. Hopefully this will just resolve itself.


Anonymous said...

Hi Hon, I can view blog with my old computer, so hopefully everyone else here can.
For anyone monitoring the Colombia Adventure Team exploits, Chad talked to me 1 minute and 20 seconds last night, ..Had surgery a day early on Wed. Partial birthmark removal-scalp eyebrow, a few stitches on eyebrow, hospital gown, sedated, swollen but otherwise okay!!!bye...gottagooooooo"
I don't even think I had a chance to say goodbye!!!

Granny T

Anonymous said...

hope you're doing awesome. i think you called me yesterday but i was in the bathroom and missed the call. that's if you did call. anyway, hope to hear from you soon, i'm doing pretty well.au revior, a bientot, j'taime :)