Two hours later... I had my first student earlier this evening, a friendly young lady named Angelina. She works for a garment company that sends designs to be made for Adidas and is going to give a factory tour to some American clients in a month. She has a substantial way to go, but I had a lot of fun with her and the time went by very quickly. It was odd; she came to my apartment and paid me in cash when the lesson was over. It felt strangely sketchy, which is, in turn, incredibly Chinese.

Other highlights of the day: eating a chicken club sandwich at a Korean cafe, getting overcharged to make a couple of copies, and spending two hours to open a Bank of China account. Good thing is, I have a Chinese ATM card now.

Thanks everyone for your comments. I read them all and feel less lonely, even though I couldn't possibly be further away. I haven't forgotten about postcards.

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