Aunt Linda sent me Easter candy! It was delivered right to my door, which means if anyone sends me a package (not a letter) I don't have to got pick it up at the post office. Thanks Linda! Love you! 谢谢阿姨! 我爱你!


Jamie said...

OK, so...... I am the worst friend ever. I know it, I am sure you know it too. The good news is I make it easy for everyone else to look good. I can make up a whole bunch of excuses about why it took me over a month to write to you, (and it is tempting) but I won’t and I will instead humble myself and say I am sorry. I am happy things are going well for you there. It looks like you are having a great time. It seems as if things are starting to pick up in the job field too. I have been reading your posts off and on backwards so it has been like a strange Tarantinoesque experience from my point of view. By the way, I envy you. I am sure you are getting used to hearing that. I am just plugging along. Not much has changed, except we got a new guy in the office. This blog thing really takes all the joy out of gossip. It is supposed to at least feel like a secret. Anyhow, he seems nice. What’s new?... well I have had the flu and then gotten over it. My brother got a bad staff infection, moved back home and then I had to move out for a while. I went to a conference last week. That was pretty cool. They are building some huge (Starbucks?) in the middle of the library. Ummm… I had a dream about you. It wasn’t too weird. I have applied to grad school but haven’t heard back yet. OH YEAH… Eric finally paid me back for the power bill (4 months later). I had to tell his mommy on him. I painted my house. And this weekend I am helping Mike move. That’s me in a nutshell. Okay, I have taken up enough space. I will write you an email soon. I promise.

ross said...

JAMIE! It's good to hear from you. Glad things are going well with you. I'm still not fully "here" yet; it feels dreamy and strange still. Getting work isn't too difficult, and I love teaching, but there are literally countless adjustments you have to make to do anything at all here. If you ever get some time off and have a tremendous amount of money to kill on a flight, pick Beijing. It's very cheap, exotic, ancient, and worth it for food alone... trust me.