This is from today's lesson with my big boss student, Michael. The conversation was meant to illustrate some of the idiomatic "American-isms" that we had been dissussing along with a host of new ones. It's a bit forced, I'm aware, but I think it works. It took an hour of conversation just to get through half of it, so this will spill over to tomorrow and then a review after that.

Margo: Hey, it's Margo.

Linette: Hi Margo, it's been a while.

Margo: I've been meaning to call you, but I hadn't been able to get around to it. I've been swamped at work; my boss never lets up and I've about had it with him.

Linette: What's he got you doing now?

Margo: It's the same old, but now we've got this new guy who can't figure anything out. We all
have to pull extra weight while he gets training, so in the meanwhile we're stuck with all
the work. You know how my boss is, if you're nice he'll make you carry the company. I don't know, maybe it's time I move on.

Linette: Listen, I can make a few calls and help you out. I've got some friends at this advertising company who owe me a favor and I can twist their arm. Just give me the word.

Margo: Um, well, I don't know... It's been a while since I've done advertising work. Anyway, you can't take me seriously. The stress is gotten to me and I just need to blow off some steam already.

Linette: It's fine, don't worry about it, that's what the weekends are for. How's Paul doing?

Margo: We're getting along pretty well. Everything has been getting better since he's started working less. Anyway, I'm hogging the conversation, how've you been?

Linette: Nothing interesting to tell you, really. I'm taking it easy, not doing much. I've been reading more and watching movies, trying to figure myself out. I got burned out with work myself, so I suggest you tell your boss to stop riding you so hard otherwise you'll have a nervous breakdown.

Margo: Yeah, I'll do that. We'll just have to make a comprimise, and I'm sure he'll understand. I've been a loyal, hardworking employee for too long for him not to understand, anyway.

Linette: Sounds good. Anyway, listen, I gotta go. Let's check up later, and tell me about something other than work.

Margo: Promise. Thanks Linette.

Linette: No problem. Bye!

Margo: Bye!

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Dadkle said...

I knew you'd make a fantastic teacher! :)