Ruins of an 18th c European style Palace

Restaurant in the home of the Dowager Empress' brother

Yunnan guava fish


Anonymous said...

hiya, just keeping up with your blog. i remember you showed me pictures of that palace online before you left, i'm glad you got to go see it. and i'm still super jealous that you get to eat all that cheap, yummy chinese food. it's about noon over here now and i'm at school writing you before i go hang out with peggy for a bit. she's having an opening this weekend where she's making lasagna. i had some car troubles this morning but everything's fine now. i was also hit on by 3 girls in 3 days. so sad for them :( i'm also trying to see if i can go see my sis next week in gainesville, but because i'm not working i need to make some extra cash to stay on top of things until i start work again in april. i like all those pics silvia posted, the one with you smoking with the leather jacket, aviators and cigarettes make you look so eurotrash, j'aime bien (i like). i had a super long talk last night with julian about art and philosophy and cinema and all kinds of crazy shit. he fell in love with my work and kept telling erika how brilliant i am. this weekend there are several openings and he said he would introduce me to a bunch of painters and other peoplke that could help me out :) go me! anyway, this long ass somment must come to an end, so gimme a call sometime. keep having fun and good luck with the job hunt. i miss you and i love you, ARiel

Anonymous said...

p.s. dadkle is probably scott. just a hunch though. ciao

Carin said...

This is the most beautiful photo of lady silvia!

You guys look like you're having a great time. i especially love the ross stache series.

besitos familia!

Dadkle said...

Of course I'm me! Frightening, isn't it?