Buddhist Vegetarian resturant

Short act of 京剧



*We now have a very cheap, very cute avocado green couch.
*Spring is here and everything is really blooming. I think I'm going to the Botanical Gardens today.
*Two of my regular students canceled this whole week, so I haven't had much to do. Scary. I must be careful about money.
*I haven't touched coffee in a long time. I'm drinking tea very regularly.
Let me know what is happening in Miami, or the US of A in general. Post, post!


j o d i e said...

Not that I understand any Chinese, but cool blog. Happy travels.

Anonymous said...

hey you, who the fuck is jodie? anyway, there isn't much happeneing, armando is coming down in a few days, and so is marina abramovich to give a lecture in fiu. isabel, dani and i are going :) i guess write me or call me, te quiero :) ARiel

Anonymous said...

you are soo handsome
i miss you