Today I had a great day at 七九八 (798) or the 大山子 (Dashanzi) area, which is Beijing's major art space. Saw a few decent shows, particularly interesting photography, met and had tea with one of Masa's gallery owner friends, witnessed the throngs of imported 外国人 (foreigners) entering via tremendous buses, heard incredibly terrible Chinese from a group of Italians that helped improve my self-esteem, bought little gifties, etc. etc...

Small victory story: I went with Saul to eat dumplings in a tiny place near the Beijing language school amidst flower-printed aluminum mugs and extension cords and I struck up a conversation with an older Korean lady. She told me her husband works in Beijing University in some computer field, she's lived here for the same amount of time that I have, she had a giant birthday and an equally giant cake the week before with lots of her friends, (of which come from all over), and she talked a bit about Korea and her family. The small victory part is that she didn't speak English at all, so we used our Chinese, which is poor on both ends, but we managed to actually communicate and somehow I knew nearly everything she told me and somehow she knew nearly everything I told her.

Sometimes it feels just so impossible that I'm here.

Pictures below.

International Children's Day

Work of a Dutch photographer at 七九八

Incredibly faint projection at 七九八.


Near the embassy district

fashion at 女人街



Anonymous said...

Hi Hon!!!
I am so glad about your language triumph! You must keep talking but use the "my bad Chinese disclaimer" before starting any conversations, in hopes of excusing yourself from any horrible or offensive diction mistakes!
You will learn faster speaking more and hopefully get corrected on the really bad pronunciations!
Love all the new photos especially the Fashion people!
It is 12 midnight on Monday just got back from Chad and Catalina's where Chad and I took pics of vTd fashions which I will photoshop up into extreme Gaudy-ness! Leif was exceptionally wanting attention today-someone HAD to be touching, or looking at him every second! He is so cute and goes bananas over the kitty, squealing with delight everytime he sees her! He ate collard greens, brown rice and a cinnamon bean concoction that Chad made! We drank Chad's new beer and Chad's brewing friend Danny came by. We talked about your tiramusu and rosewater cake, we miss your baking and your face! Fine time had by all!
I have been in the house for 3 1/2 days SEWING and more sewing trying to finish this new stuff and I will be setting up a website soon. Time is flying! and it seems the days are shorter and shorter!
It is getting unbearably hot here and it's only June ! Hurricane season started, so we are officially entering the the time of the "cone of death"!
Anyway-totally miss you!

MASA said...


The go! team ,beijing ,star live,
Gay pride , london. tralfer square.
Anti-globalization, german

where u choose to be? which one u gonna choose?life,sex or war?

about us said...

masa, what?

ross said...

Yeah, what are you talking 'bout Masa?? 你有病吗?

masa said...

june 29
music concert,gay pride, politics! (those present differents things in ur life, life,sex,enviorment)
three things gonna happen at same time.
which one r u gonna attend?

Anonymous said...

hm... what's going on in this page? you look super cute in those pics by the way. just dropped by to say wutup. SEX, DRUGS, HAPPY BABIES,IPODS AND WARS FOREVER!!! :)

Anonymous said...

the comment above was brought to you by the letters A, R, I, and E. and the number L.