死花 on my windowsill


Gallerie urs Meile (located in a hutong)

The actual reality surrounding Galerie Urs Meile (burning trash pile a couple steps outside)



Dadkle said...

Dear One, The deer image is eerie.
In a week or so I'm going to be away from computers for a whille- summer vacation. I'll miss my daily visit to your blog. Keep up the good work and stay in touch- Love, Dadkle

Sonia said...

Hey Rossini,

How are you dude?! I miss you, it's Sonia....I wrote to Chad to see how he and the family were and asked about you, he in turn, gave me your blog...very cool...sounds like you are havin' an amazin' time, good for you, Silvia, Saul and Masa....

I miss you lots, along with all our talks at work...by the way, I am no longer an idiot Repub...long story....I'm not Demo either.... personally, both sides stink....

I owe you an apology for some of my views, talk about bein' blind!!

But live and learn, yes?

love you Ross, stay safe....:)


about us said...

holy shit! (everywhere i've blogged today, i've started the post this way!)
SONIA's NOT a REPUBLICAN anymore!?! super fucking cool....good going sonia, no affiliation is best for you and the world! ross, you should be proud: all those talks really made it happen.

write more later,

Sonia said...

Hey I,

How are you chica? I missed you, How are the kids? Good I hope... Yah I've been dissolutioned by our political parties, (not like I wasn't before) but I'm done with bein' one or the other...

NC is great, I love it here
what are you up to? Anythin' new? I like the way we're talkin' to eachother instead of Ross, pobresito.... alrighty been good everyone


ross said...


Wow, abandoning the party?? Not a shock, given that you really always seemed to have your own independent views that strayed from the Republicans and Dems. There is absolutely no reason to apologize to me! It's strange to talk about politics in a country where everyone is too scared to. Glad you're enjoying NC!