Thanks for all your encouragement! I really feel better today.

Yesterday was dragon boat festival, so I went after work to 后海 (Houhai) which is a historical hutong next to a very old artificial lake. Walking in there were about 300 people ballroom dancing to music played off of crackling speakers, and in the lake there were dragon boats, impossible to see in the darkness except for the lanterns hanging off their sides. When I see things like this I realize how much I completely love this place, so deeply. This area is a promenade with a million restaurants and trendy bards with a smallish man singing Thai love ballads and an Arabic woman on stage in one place furiously belly dancing. (Chinese women seem to really love bellydancing.)

For the festival, everyone is supposed to eat these triangular rice cakes wrapped in banana leaves filled with dates or dry pork. Delicious. I had plently.

I have a couple other paintings I will post soon.

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about us said...

every day you grow, every day you're better for it.

i, along with the rest of your fan club, love you dearly...and we know how benefitial this is for you and your future. remember how fortunate you are to have the balls, not to mention the ability, to do what you're doing!

your painting is glorious. hyper green and, a lot, like a faraway memory. paint some meat now, paint it raw; filled with blood. look at some dead animals around you and be gleeful you're alive and in the R.O.C.!

everything is temporary and enjoying the moment makes it all worthwhile...(i know: easier said than done.) i'm sure masa was lovely while it was, so remember the good times and look forward to better times.

lets go have a beer and keep in mind july is right around the corner (tudela'll be joining you sooner than not.)!