Just got finished eating roast duck with a variety of people, including Saul's mom. (His parents came to visit and his sister is coming soon, so I'm horrendously jealous.) We ate near Dongsishitiao in the ancient granary where there is now several bars and fancy restaurants. There is even a salsa club there and we briefly walked in and saw several Chinese dancing to loud Cuban music. (A strange, amazing sight.)

Nothing else to report. Otherwise a quiet Saturday. Tomorrow I teach Toby and I haven't seen him at all last week since it was his 11th birthday and class was canceled. I've got to plan something for him.


alesh said...

we miss you ross . . . can't wait till you're back (or I'm there?)

Anonymous said...

hi, my friend liza from work likes your fruit painting, and i love you. you fruit. ARIel :P

Anonymous said...

ola from Chicago
i surprisingly stumbled on your blog and i must say that i enjoy your writings and images a lot. How long will you be staying there?
i just fnished school and i guess i can call myself a master of the fine arts...?? other than that , not much excitement from chicag land.

hope all is well

Anonymous said...

Hi Ross, Super jealous too! Wish sometimes just to see you and hug you if only for a minute. I am so proud of you and being able to say you are living in China is still quite amazing to me. Thanks for bringing us all along on your journey!

Chad said...

As posted already, I swear I will visit. Yes.