Me and 王海燕 (or Anna) studying characters and practicing English.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ross! So GOOD to see you!!!!!You look good with your fancy mustache!!! Bet you are one of the most handsome of the tall Chinese!!!!Wanted you to know Gram finally got her mother's day stuff! She had to sign for it as I guess it was so late! Chad has been trying to set up my website after Alesh was so nice as to give me a slice of his space. I have been working relentlessly on photos and such. It will be vividtdesign.com but if you go now you will see only a Turquoise backround and a bunch of X's! hopefully it will be up soon and you can be my Chinese connection! My computer has about had it and crashes every 5 minutes AHHHHHHHHH! My email is NO better and have had problems accessing post comments on your blog-finally got through!!!!
Everything is good here lots of work later this week!
It is either blazing hot here or completely thunderstormy and this week a tropical wave is coming with more storms and rain- we need the rain but it happens during the afternoon and rush hour traffic is impossible!
Miss you !

Chad said...

I am using a browser without Chinese support (everything displays: ???) so you seem like you don't know who you're sitting next to in that photo or what the hell you're doing!


I think I'll make a lasagna tonight with a little nutmeg, a la tradition, a la Saint Nick, a la Ross!

Linda said...

YEA! Ross-shots! Now, that's what I am talking about.You look beautiful in your rodeo pajamas pants!Just Stunning! We all miss you so much,it is a thrill to see you looking so fine. More Ross- shots PLEASE!MORE,MORE,MORE, Bravo!
Love you

Anonymous said...

you look cute as ever. please post more pics, i'd like to see more of you and so would your family :) ARiel

Anonymous said...

Ur lazy. More posts, China guy.