Silvia, Ariel, Ross/ 12"x15"/ oil on wood.
*The color is off in the photos; it's displaying much too blue on this computer. Note that the background should be bright white.

I had only these three passport pictures hidden away in my navy Japanese wallet that Cat gave me. If you'd like a portrait, scan and e-mail me a passport photo to paint from. I'm going to work on different subjects for a few days and will return to the portraits if I recieve jpegs.

~*~More paintings to come.


Silvia Elena said...

They look great. I'm definitely German. And I'm grateful for that bit of blue.
You were able to understand something crucial about Ariel's face. I think it's his mouth because something about his portrait looks right on.
Out of us three it seems you know your own face the least!
Keep painting. I will send you a scan of that random picture you found on the floor in Vietnam.

Anonymous said...

When I saw Silvia's painting it reminded me of my Mom. You are really taking time to paint-that's great, keep at it.