Dad in art school

Chad and Catalina



(Again, forgive the quality problems if they exist. The middle painting might have a high contrast issue due to the poor quality of the monitor I'm working with.)

The first is a picture of my father in an art school ID photograph. The second is a highly embellished copy of a photo booth picture. I've been into this idea of decoration and patterning, and so I added some to the background of Silvia's image, which I think improves it immeasurably. There is something vital and fun about it now, more explosive.

I'm working a lot on repainting the portrait of Ariel in a more stoic, expressionless kind of face study way. It reminds me of a folky painting of an American GI in Japan during the occupation that I once had hanging in my room in Miami. Here are the results so far.

detail of Ariel

I painted the background in a deep, hunter green, which is nearly impossible to tell on this monitor display since it appears both too contrasty and dark. (I need a calibrated monitor or a mac!) I enjoy trying completely new ways of painting, even at the risk that I won't have a specifically signature style. I'm thinking of adding a tight, patterned background to this one as well, but I'm going to shelf it for a little while.

Let me know what you all think.

1 comment:

scott said...

Wow Ross,
you've been busy!

The paintings look really great, thank you for posting them so quickly.

You've captured my 70's art school tan.

I think the backgrounds are a good direction- you're pulling another thing you enjoy and do well into the portraits.

I don't know HOW you did it, but Chad and Catalina look vaguely Chinese to me.
Is it just me who sees this?

The Ariel portrait is very strong.

I'll email more soon.