I'm still in Bangkok.

This city is amazing. The food is positively the best I've had; consistently delicious and varied and I'm eating extremely well. Yesterday I walked to the riverside and ended up finding a long, winding amulet market near a major Buddhist wat selling hand painted protection charms, ceremonial wooden foot massagers and vials of strong scented soap. A short walk yields immedite results; no more nightclubs, Burger Kings and overpriced t-shirts. I bought a few painting supplies across from the very 19th century European/Thai designed Slipakorn Art School and stayed up last night making a self-portrait.

I'm now staying in a new hostel in a quieter area. It's completely Korean. A Korean owner, Korean-only signs and Korean guests. It's really pleasant and I have a spacious, very cheap room with a skylight, real light bulbs (no disgusting flourescents) and plenty of room to paint. I'm extremely happy with the new room.

Silvia and Ariel should already be in America. Write me.

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Silvia Elena said...

I'm glad to hear you found a room with nice lighting and that you finally made it to Slipakorn. How was the school? Where is the place? Lumphini?
Post your self-portrait!
I will draw a Paint self-portrait tonight and post it on my paint site in your name.
zhege diannao meiyou zhongwenA!
meitian huayouhua ba.
wo ai ni,