Back in Cambodia.
So I'm back in Siem Reap, Cambodia to see more of the Angkor Temple complex and some of the surrounding villages. The city itself is a tourist town with lots of comforts and I'm around a 10 minute walk outside of it. It's the wealthest area in Cambodia, I'm supposing, which is still not saying much, but doesn't feel as sad as other parts of the country.
I'm near the French cultural institue and some NGO schools and groups. It's great to see kids leaving class and their moms and dads picking them up on motorbikes and zipping back to their wooden houses on stilts. It's still so completely traditional here; women wear sarong and carry baskets of baguette (former French colony...) on their heads while the men work the fields.
View from my hotel in Wat Bo village, Siem Reap province, Cambodia

Karaoke Laundry, Cambodia

Siem Reap City, filled with tourism

Breakfast and crosswords at The Blue Pumpkin


Anonymous said...

Dear Ross, I'm happy that you are enjoying yourself. The pictures go with your comments. That is, I can see your observations in the setting of your pictures.
I want to thank you for your very thoughful gift to me. Your painting of Silvia when you two first got to China, means more to me than I can say.It is a very meaningful gift.

scott said...

Karaoke Laundry- now THATS a sign!