The crew is in Bangkok now, the last leg of our trip. We've been to Vietnam, Cambodia and now Thailand. We're all exhausted, especially after three days of exploring Angkor Wat. Pictures to follow.


about us said...

looking through your posts, recent and older, i realize how long it's been since we've made some sort of contact...in any case, you look great and your adventures leave me speechless; many dreams must come true for you all every single day!

things here are as you would imagine, the summer's coming to an end and as usual i find myself at odds with my projected budget, making travel unattainable (at least not for me) odyssea's in venezuela for another couple of weeks and kaspar just turned five -pool party on sunday...you're all invited!

i've been on some sort of vacation here with carlos, as love has definitely returned to our lives making life pleasant and fulfilling ....

i wish you many more awesome experiences and hope that the socio-political situations in all those places improves and makes you less guilty about being there...enjoy yourself and kisses to everyone!
take care///mua!

Anonymous said...

Evan and I watched the eclipse on line this morning and wondered where you were and what you were doing. Enjoy your amazing life and share all that you can! We love you - Marie and Evan