(some opera coverage via Chad)

I'm sitting in a pleasant cafe in 798, the art district, and Ariel is sitting beside furiously at work on some sudoku. We're about to get going and hop around some more openings, which are always so very early here, and drink more free, vinegary Great Wall wine.

I just bought a small cultural revolution era book on identifying 美花 (roses) which features extremely colorized, unforgivingly cliche and studio lit roses on yellowing pages. I'm going to use this for painting purposes, so updates to come when they come.

Silvia news: Her new job at the opera school didn't work out, and they let her go right as she was packing to move into the apartment they were providing for her. The whole separation was rude, quick and heartbreaking, but I think it'll be good for her to work closer to the actual city and not deal with various bullshit from an unfit operation. She's at her boyfriend's and is looking to move to the Guomao and share a place with two Chinese girls. (They are, apparently, really good cooks.)

Everyone: Take Isa's advice and get Skype if you haven't already. Ariel and I use the name "tudeloop," so bookmark it or whatever.

Keep up the posts, they keep me going.

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Dadkle said...

Dear Sweet pea: (or should that be Snow pea?) What is your new place like? Who lives in your neighborhood? Do you have your new address yet? Just curious.