---(Pictures from Ariel)---
Our living room.

From the living room looking at the kitchen and one of the balconies.

The studio.


Ancient Observatory. (A beautiful, small garden with ancient star charting equipment littered about as well as a star gazing tower.)


Chad said...

House looks beautiful. Really.

Dadkle said...

The new place looks good Ross. You are on what seems to be a really wide Blvd...I've seen wide street like yours in other images of Beijing- is that a common feature, or is it just in certain neighborhoods? It looks like you have some amazing views- sure beats looking into someone else's building!

about us said...

yes, everything in your place looks (feels) just right.

where is that ancient observatory? i want one close to me!

last night, in between rain showers, i tried using this illegitimate telescope to get closer to the moon but i couldn't get it to focus...everything was out of focus and i was slightly upset...defeated by some other thing...grrrr.

still, i keep on...driven by apathy...and children.

haha...i alway sound like i'm about to kill myself but i SWEAR, i'm not! it's all very funny to me...i think...sometimes more than others.

love you bunches and oodles!