News: I start working full time next week with a new contract including more pay, vacation, sick days and the like, plus paid time off for Chinese New Year. A lot more hours.

I miss my family. Hello. I love you all. More pictures to come.



burning money to make money

block housing



about us said...

beautifully sad...i miss your family for you. that picture of you and chad is so very tender. this is a fulfilling time in a different way for you, chad, cat, and leif. if you think about it, it's the best time to be away from leif because he won't remember you being away...

congrats about your new job, i hope you're making millions! and next time i instant message you (something i NEVER do with ANYBODY) and you reject me, i'm gonna put a pooping spell on you or something! take care of yourself and ariel and write some time...you're sort of being too distant...you know what i mean...kisses, hugs, and you know: a swift kick in the ass!


Dadkle said...

Sounds like a good visit and busy times for you. Good news about the job- more $ means more freedom in the long run. I'm back at work doing prep for my students...you can reach me at my school email address. xox

about us said...

ross: please post something now...!?!


attention, all ross fans: go to skype.com and make it happen...YOU'LL HEAR HIS VOICE!

it's the best thing in the whole. wide, world!


loveyerna said...

Hi Chinese son!
I find it amazing that U and Chad look more alike now, than when you left, as the absence has made you morph into each other! Over the years as twins, you looked alike and then not. But the pictures from China and Chad losing some weight/&birthmark makes you two look the most twin-like ever. Seeing the two of you pictured like that, makes me feel as proud of you both, as the separate journeys you are on.
you know your mom is a big crybaby...so...well I miss you but I am with you on your journey, as you are with me on mine...always...