Sadly, the weekend's over. Saturday night Ariel and I took a terrifying motorbike taxi ride to Silvy's apartment and then to a 粥 (zhou1, it's like an oh-so-delicious rice porridge) restaurant and then a ghetto, but cheap, beer garden. Yesterday we met up with an acquaintance of Silvia's who is working with a luxury hotel company and traveling all over Asia. His company is building a hotel directly on the grounds of the Summer Palace, so a new crop of incredibly wealthy people can live in controlled opulence just like the Dowager herself. Other than that, some painting, resting and homey time.

I came out of the subway station this morning to find the grey sky even more grey than usual and rain pouring down in a steady stream. I started walking quickly, but soon a man came and held his umbrella over my head and asked me a few friendly questions. Another lent me an extra umbrella he had so I didn't come to work soaked. Very kind.


Chad said...

Nice Beijing people! I miss it over there. Here people would drive by at 60 mph looking distainfully out the window of their enormous bus-like vechicles as you got soaked. Gross fugging Miami.

Dadkle said...

In NYC you'd have dozens of people on the street offering you umbrellas, but you'd have to pay for them. Where do those umbrella sellers go when it's not raining? It's a Scooby-doo mystery.