Ross & Ariel
Dong Nei 1-1-1002
Dongzhimen, Beijing 100000
People's Republic of China


Ross & Ariel
东直门,北京 100000

NOTE: I had typed the wrong postal code before, so this one is the correct one.

This is where I live. I'm the white/grey building attached to the left of the world's most tremendous construction site ever, which is clearly visible on this map. Actually, that site now houses the most tremendous building ever since construction is almost complete. It's so big that it almost hurts your eyes. (Honestly)

Dongzhimen used to be home to the ancient eastern most gate of the city. The name itself means "Eastern gate," although that gate along with nearly all others were removed to expand and modernize the city in Mao's day. Beijing now extends far, far from it's original four gates in every direction. The ultimately baffling Tian'anmen area has an original and preserved gate as well as the largest palace (Forbidden City) in the world. This, in turn, is matched by the largest public square in the world and the largest opera house in the world, all of which are in the same area.


Catalina said...
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Anonymous said...

I'll send stuff soon
ayer Isabel y yo pensamos en ti.

Anonymous said...

I'm still unsure about which building you live in, but there isn't a doubt in my mind about the construction site you are refering to... it's huge!

Did you receive the email I sent?

I hope you're doing well, and I look forward to hearing from you.


BTW - can you send me Chad's email address? I understand if he wants to keep it private. However, I'd like to contact him and see if he's available to get together sometime.

about us said...

oh, no! i sent a postcard that will never arrive. i made it myself too...! yuck! whY?!!! what's the difference in the zip code?

anyway, your e-mail was uplifting to say the least and, in due time, i will respond with a less bleak tone.

i lOvE! yoU!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ross , put a red X on your house cause I too can't figure out which one it is! I just got off my roof- can you see the big red heart I painted up there for you!!!!
Hi Ariel , How you doing with the shiney foo! I hope you like it so them Chinese can fatten you up a bit!
You look like you have your hesd in the noodle bowl! Noodle-ee!!!
Did you all here about the typhoon in Shanghai they evacuated 2.5 MILLION people? incredible huh!

Good to see your post!
My email is vividtdesign@comcast.net send me a line and I will send you Chad's ! tell your Mom and Laurel I said "hello"!
All the best!