Chad, Cat and baby just left a couple of hours ago. We had a great trip and I'm really sad to see them go, although it'll be good to get baby back on a predicable Miami schedule.

Our last night was perfect; we saw impressive Beijing opera acts near the old hutongs at Qianmen, randomly stumbled across a group of fan dancers practicing outside of a closed bank, drank a few beers in a hostel courtyard house and a had a last minute scurry of packing. (Chad, you left a shirt.) I miss them.

The Chinese absolutely loved the baby, I'm assuming because of his exotic blue eyes, unbelievable cuteness and light hair. A lot of "beautiful," "cute," "he looks like a doll" in Chinese followed by light jabs, small gifts and waitresses picking him up and walking him around.

It's been raining and is unusually cold this morning. In a couple hours Ariel and I are moving our things into a new house in a new area, if the moving people understood me over the phone. I will post our new address soon. Lots of things to do. Work starts again in two days. I'm reseting and resettling.

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Anonymous said...

Yaaaaaaaaayyy! It's good to see your voice..Happy moving day!
love, Marie