Great Leif of China

(Let me know if you got home safe, -R)


loveyerma said...

Hello Ross and Ariel! what an amazing picture of Leif! I can't wait to see that little boy!
Chad called at 1;30 last night so they got to Weston. I am glad you all had such a good time but I don't envy you all saying goodbye.
So you and Ariel need to really start painting and getting all cultured up! China's new American Art icons! I am becoming quite the designer! on computer anyway!
My website is certainly getting me some opportunities soo...cross your fingers and blink some China luck for me!
It was very hard with you not blogging, remember so many people look forward to hearing from the "ChinaConnection" aka Ross=especially me.
well, gotta go to Gram's and I will show her the Leif pic after her computer takes 15 minutes to load it!
I will email later.

Chad said...

Monstrously jet-lagged (it's 3:30am) but here and safe. Trip was great, miss you and China in an awful way. Still dream as if I am there.

Anonymous said...

tous le jours anyone?