So, very China news... I haven't been able to check my mail for two months because they locked all the mailboxes and I've been unable to get my key for my box. My landlord told me yet again today that he couldn't do it, so my solution was to violently tear the face of the box off with a discarded comb handle with all my might, eventually breaking the comb. Go American ingenuity! I was then treated with eleven letters all at once! Wow, so I want to thank Cindy, Linda, Scott, Ariel and Billie for their letters and it feels so great to find such an avalanche of reading from everyone!


about us said...

i have promised myself, and ariel, and now you, that i will be better about mailing what i intend to mail. yikes, now i'm in for it!

granny T said...

First of all... so Manly...you combed something to death! Whipped out your comb and jabbed the mailbox..I'm sooo proud!
You waited that long for mail? I guess you don't get bills mailed in China! Because in the USA you would be sitting in the dark with no water!
Hope all is well and Ariel arrived with no travel turmoil. I have been SOOOOO busy with work, "meetings" and glowering! Well. I'm over the glowering and ready for the flowering, baby!!
Good Morning Chad, Catalina and Mr.Leif! I am sure you are enjoying! Hope all is great and we here, await your safe return!
Big Smile! Big Hug!
Big All the Best!
Granny T

Dadkle said...

Looks like you're all having a great time- everyone looks so happy! I'm going to give you my local update on the blog since I think this is the best way to reach you as of late. I hope your recent mail problems don't mean the package I sent was lost...please let me know if you get it.

We had two twisters that touched down about 12 blocks from here- not something you expect to happen in New York City! I believe one person died and there was a lot of damage, though not on Ridge Blvd.

Tracey and Nicole never stop working lately but T was able to stop by for a brief visit- a spring-like day with a picnic in the Botanical Gardens-lovely.

Allison turns 50 in a week- I'm not too far behind...Ira is going to see some shows in the Berkshires while I spend a weekend with friends in the Hamptons..we will see a new show of Morton Bartlet color photos (printed from newly discovered slides) in Chelsea.

We wish we could take you to our favorite new (old) restarant, 'Ponte Vecchio'- an old Brooklyn-style Italian place in a clean, remodeled-in-the-80's storefront.

My love to everyone- keep posting those great photos!

about us said...
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Anonymous said...

Helllllllo!! we're waiting! Too much party to post? Get a move on it!