Today is the warmest it has been yet in Beijing; 83F. The sun is as bright as it is in Miami during summer, and everyone is out in short sleeve shirts and the Korean girls are in hotpants. It's literally 10 degrees hotter today than it was yesterday.

Tomorrow I'm finally leaving the city for a few days with my friend Masa, so no e-mail or posts until Monday. We're going to a small village built entirely by one family in the Ming dynasty called Cuandixia (爨底下) then some mountains, pretty things... Pictures will follow.

I've got proofreading work today. I have to check some exhibition notes for a show on Chinese shadow puppets that will be up during the Olympics.

Also: Thanks Isa! I got your package yesterday complete with coffee paraphernalia and apple butter.


Siderite said...

Oh, Google has a Fahrenheit to Celsius converter... cool :)

Love your blog, man, even if I don't always know what you are talking about. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like a great trip. The weather now is about the same as Miami. Would you like us to send your "Huck Finn" shorts? Travel Safe.Love you, Linda