Off to tutor Michael, but wanted to make a quick post... Last night Silvia and I met up with friends at this unicycle, juggling, Chinese toy event put together by this Italian guy. A couple of them just bring a bunch of equipment, and you can try anything you'd like. You basically play around, although I stuck to this Chinese top that moves very fast and whistles extremely loud.

Not so busy the last few days. I might start a Chinese class today; Silvia signed up and had her first class yesterday and like it. Pronounciation drills, over and over again, which is really what I need.


Anonymous said...

Hey!! Chad, Catalina, Leif and Alesh aka Colombia Adventure Team arrived home yesterday after a harrowing flight delay and a nailbiting 2 hour wait to get their contraband through customs at MIA!!! Needless to say all is well, no one was thrown in the slammer and I picked them up after a 4 hour + delay, amid a crazy, spring break, circus of traffic!!!
Later Grandma, Chad, Catalina, Leif and I went to Archie's for Fabulous Pizza and veggie antipasto! Leif is GIANT and was trying to remove the tablecloth from the table! We moved the table candle immediately to prevent a sudden fire in Archies!!!! Chad's birthmark surgery was a success and looks good, although right now he can't raise his eyebrow! Whew... glad that one is over with!!!
I started phase 2 of the 20 year project , preliminary title =Vivid T design "Fast track to Crazytown" which means I will be shooting video this weekend after removing the furniture from "the Studio" aka bedroom!! Super excited about it!!!
Sundy is Leif's 1st Easter and we having dinner a Gram's and celebrating Linda's birthday all on the same day!
Leif is super cute but the boy still has NO hair!!! It has grown to about 1/2" that sticks straight up on the top of his head!!!! we will send you a couple of pics of Sunday next week!
all the best to You, Sylvia and Saul!


Anonymous said...


The site looks great. You're like a professional. Took me three pages of reading to catch up, but now I am current. I feel like I'm with you over there.

I will probably buy a camera today or tomorrow, so I will send you a picture of my new head ASAP.

-Your Brother

Ygoloihcad said...

that toy is called 空竹 (kong1 zhu2)。