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Silvy and 妈妈

Lix and Ruby and yummy noodles

Some pictures from a couple nights ago...

Went to a temporary local market yesterday, which is large and is sort of like a cheaper dollar store, like a 25 cent store.

I've been drinking a lot of tea and buy it from this same lady who has a booth in the Agricultural school near the Dazhongsi subway station. She has incredible pu'er, which is aged, fermented tea, usually at least 20 years old. She sold me the best oolong I've ever had, with a taste and smell that is impossible to describe. She also has pictures of her family and farm in Yunnan and is as tall I am! (really)

I start teaching a high school class later today, and I'm terribly nervous about it. It's a large class too, over 40 students...

Off to teach Michael. Lately, we've just been talking about his baby and this book he wants to write about pursuing happiness. Entertaing guy.


Anonymous said...

comment allez vous cheri? i'm going to the beach tomorrow on a school bus with like 8 people from starbucks and a few others and we're gonna get fucked up! anyway, things are going pretty great over here, i'll keep you informed about any china developments, but gimme a call soon regardless. au reviour <3, ARiel :)

ross said...

Hey dummy, everyone on this site can read your comments. Be safe and keep the tone a little more family friendly.