I'm sitting on Silvia's bed grading papers thinking about getting ready to meet a potential student for lunch. It's a bright day today with lots of various allergens dancing in the air. Yesterday I bought a very tiny azalea with small, bright pink flowers... it's nice to really be able to feel the seasons. (This is fairly literal, since my chest is congested and I'm allergic to nearly everything outside, I think.)

A few nights ago Masa and I saw the movie 东 ("Dong") by贾樟柯 (Jia Zhang Ke) at the Italian Embassy and also sat through messy translations of the director's responses to questions from the audience. Zhang Ke is possibly the most acclaimed mainland director among a more arthouse crowd, and has made movies such as "Xiao Wu," "The World" and "Unknown Pleasures." 东 follows the travels of an artist, 刘小东 (Liu Xiao Dong) as he paints migrant workers and prostitutes while he tries to defend the idea of the artist understanding "common people." Dong seems to trap himself in this classic, stereotypical artist dilemma: an attempt to understand which eventually leads to self-delusion. Worth seeing.


about us said...

why was this movie playing at the italian embassy? and who's masa?

that pollen is nuts, i think i would die...is that normal or is it part of global decay?

yesterday, and for a few days before that in broward, the everglades were burning - i don't know what started the flames. because of all the smoke, the sun was difussed in this way that made everything look sublime. nonetheless, it was strange and apocalyptic. this was happening in the western side of the city, as it was also raining ashes. little flurries of ashes....'twas nutty. i had to go east, to the lotus house in overtown, and there the sky (and atmosphere) was super clear, very normal...unaffected.
actually the weather has been unusually splendid, in the mornings it's somewhat nippy and the humidity is almost null. throughout the day, the sun returns with a vengeance and then it hides to give way to a night of pleasant breezes and enjoyable temperatures.

it's all very science fiction!

love you tons, i will e-mail you later, everything irrelevant is going on and the kids are just dandy.

odyssea played hookie today....


Anonymous said...

Hey, Pollen...are you sure?? Looks very suspect and for heaven's sake do NOT try to smoke it!!!
I will certainly go see "Dong" when it plays at Le Jueune Cinema or maybe some crazy perv palace!
Grandma and I babysat Leif last Wed. and will be doing so for the time being, as he was banned from FIU til he gets to be about 18 or so!
Chad is trying to become a pool shark meaning we started shooting some at Gram's and he is impressed with himself! He with the slightly shorter eyebrow! Did you like his surly model look? sufficent anti-fashion attitude-ya!
Haven't seen any flying ashes around here but there are fires bigtime out there-maybe someone trying to smoke pollen...-still in a drought with water restrictions. Only good thing is my grass is dead so I don't have to mow it!
Oh, and in case you haven't heard Larry Birkhead is the father...

all the best to the China Teachers Crew!

Dadkle said...

Taking couple of Benadryl before going to bed works for me, and saline irrigation can be soothing and helpful. A humidifier by your bed can also be effective. I really sympathise- unfortunately I've had a lot of personal experience with allergies...everytime you move you get to discover new ones! :)

The recently reopened Greek and Roman wing at the Met is supposed to be amazing- really beautiful and well done. Part of the renovation includes a study center-lots of filled cases that put most of the collection on display instead of in storage.(similar to what they did in the American wing)
We are going to check it out next month.