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Saw traditional Mongolian music Sunday night at 愚公移山 (Yu Gong Yi Shan) that was quite incredible. I've never heard throat singing in person before, and it literally sounded like this guy's voice was bouncing off of every corner of the room, complete with flute-like voice inflections, melody and complexities that I couldn't imagine coming from a single voice. I really want to go to Mongolia. Also heard some very tender, rather melodic indie-folk from this musician Ramona Cordova.

I'm planning a trip with Silvia and two friends and we'll leave in a week or two. Just a weekend trip, but I'd like to go to some secluded mountain village with some abandoned temples scattered about.


about us said...

where would you go? wow, a weekend trip to choibalsan or ulanbaater? WOW. it'd be way colder there than in beijing...maybe? that's so cool! the worl di sgetting smaller for ross and sylvia...
next maybe seoul's a calling!

must sleep, good night, day...


ross said...

We're thinking a small mountain town. There is one about 6 hours away from Beijing that looks incredible; all ming dynasty, you stay in the villager's homes and it looks really undiscovered... Oh, and Ulanbaater is a MUST, but when I have more time. Come to China. Beijing actually has a lot for kids, and there is actually a local magazine just for foreigners living here with kids.

Anonymous said...

all I have to say is
oh oh


Dadkle said...

Last night I saw a "Nova" science show on PBS that described an ongoing search for the worlds first flowering plant. Part of the show was filmed in an 'ark' area in western China that has one of the most amazing assortments of plants- its a part of the world that was not affected by Glaciers during the ice ages. What an interesting area- I know it's very far away, but if you ever plan a trip out west it looks to be worth seeing.