The word around here is that it might snow within the next couple of days, maybe even tonight. It's getting very cold very quickly, leaves are falling and I'm seeing my very first non-Florida autumn.

Right now I'm at work doing Chinese flashcards and checking out blogs waiting for my 7:00 class tonight. I'm teaching a business English course (funny) but lately my students have been horrendously busy with giant staff meetings, an audit, lots of foreign visitors, a server hack and general Chinese economic-bubble style expansion, so there have been a lot of no-shows. In three years this place has tripled in size.

I made 宫保鸡丁, otherwise known as "Kung Pao chicken," last night for Silvy and Ariel. The dish is from Sichuan, where all good Chinese food comes from, and is a combination of chicken, peanuts, green onion and cucumber in a sweet and spicy rice wine sauce. I've made this dish and posted a recipe for it ages ago, but this is a lighter and much better version of the previous dish. A recipe will be posted soon.

This is the title of my blog, but I probably never actually explained it's meaning. Translation: "Okay. Wait a second."

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