12x12, oil and acrylic on canvas

Learning a language from scratch is like being a child looking in picture books at monkeys and elephants. Especially with learning nouns in Chinese, you start a whole new way of matching actual images with the character representation of the image. It's hardcore memorization all over again.


about us said...

ross, i love this painting..it's better than the rest, way awesome...the pink background eludes to sameness that envelopes us all...holla' playa'!
i love you and your work...NEVER stop painting, you're sucha good communicator~! good job, let's see what thanxgiving's got in store...besides turkey that is...inform those fuckers about what the pilgrims and the indians have concocted...!
you are one of my idols!

loveyerma said...

Yes, I concur, This is a wonderful and whimsical graphic painting-could be a poster. We will miss you on Thanksgiving but I am Thankful you are happy and talented and handsome and tall...my Chinese son!!
sending all my love,
yer old proud ma!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you both! I'm thankful that I get to see a bit of the world that I wouldn't have coming through your eyes. We love you lots!

Marie and Evan and Emily and Billie

ps Nora is seeing Iowa - not so interesting as China:)

silviaelena said...

I agree. I really like this painting. You saved it from I-pod hell and made it awesome. And when i hung out with ariel the other day I saw the one you're currently working on and it looks as awesome as this one. I can't wait to see it, brotha'.