• An excellent blog post about the unfair expectations placed on Chinese manufacturing. This is especially topical as this date rape "Aqua Dots" toy is just another example of scary products in China. (The toy was made in Hong Kong, I've heard, so it's a shoddy product from a place known for better quality than the mainland.

  • Here's a story of role reversal: my company produces an online game ("Perfect World") that is slated for US release soon. This game is already popular in Brazil, but this week an illegal American group called GameHaze hacked the Brazilian server and stole the code, created a new server and is hosting "Perfect World" on an unofficial server. (Or something like this.) They are making money off of this game illegally and want to make their own English translations and additions. This should be sorted out, but still... Americans ignored a Chinese copyright. Irony.

  • Also, a great blog that hasn't, strangely, been updated in a while. The writer also wrote this tremendous account of what it feels like to be the product of a culture that conceals.



Anonymous said...

My looney bun is fine, Benny Lava!

about us said...

well, i just drank some milk and am farting like crazy.

in miami today, well this past weekend, there was much of nothing going on, with the exception of second saturday; in which erika curated a show where carlos, jeroen, and others of the local elite, displayed video work...'twas a real good assemblage of works...the show was called space command...i liked the title a lot...at about 11:PM the berg's (local collectors who own a couple of carlos' pieces) showed up and dumb ass lenny, wouldn't walk them through the gallery and told them to come back some other time. some things never change!
sorry about posting so sporadically but time is never on my side!
kisses and lots of love always,

loveyerma said...

Stranger than WHAT?????
thanks for sending the Alejandra Grammy pics from the NY POST! The NY Post sold in Miami is in BLACK AND WHITE ONLY!!!! So when I went to get the paper I was dismayed that the entire section was NOT in Color!!!!
really boring!! So when I got home and saw you remembered I was so happy! The credits were incomplete and the article which was supposed to be 2 whole pages with 5 pics was cut to about 3 paragraphs with 2 pics. But the rocker look got the cover of the Grammy section-so Yea! That was my skirt!
Scott sent the NY edition to me in color so my first official press! with no credit!
Still better than nothing...she did not win the Grammy however...maybe next time!
It's starting to look alot like Christmas around here.....