Anyone who'd like a postcard from Beijing, post a comment with your address and I'll send one out to you. I need to make a sort-of phonebook, regardless, so this will do the work for me and in return you'll get a dusty, well traveled thin slab of cardboard printed matter with images upon one side, and touristy "we're having a great time!" style comments on the other. Perfect!


catalinette said...

catalina jaramillo
you know the address.

I will miss you terribly on your adventure. I think of you throughout the day and feel not the anxiety but the horizon.
I am preposterously proud.
and in love for ever with the two of you.
(a little more with the one with the mark)

alesh said...

alesh houdek 1310 euclid ave #2 miami beach fl 33139 USA

one more weekend of partying, then you disappear, throwing everything into uncertainty.

Linda said...

Linda Harris
10411 S.W.108 Ave.
Miami,Florida 33176

..eagerly awaiting that thin,dusty slab of cardboard,filled with finger smudged words of adventure and success..love you,honey

Julianne said...

Hey you!!! My mom misses you madly and she's supre jelous of you! haha well I hope your having TONS of fun!! I will hopefully visit you there maybe after i graduate that would be cool.. hehe well Heres the address.. Sned on to my mom so she wont beat me up haha
Julianne Portwood or Cindy Harris Portwood
8488 Bechtel Ave. Inver Grove Heights, MN 55076

Grandma said...

Miss you Lots.Enjoying your notes and videos,especially the snake wine.Love you,Grandma

marie said...

marie walker 601 bailey rd sarasota fl 34237

Incredibly wonderful - I can almost hear your words! We
love you wherever you go-

marie and evan

Terri said...

Forget the postcards, Send me some cool stuff!!!!

Ca said...

I'm soo impressed with you, all three of you.
I'd like, nom, LOVE a chinesse post card.

Carolina Sarmiento de Archundia
201 Racquet Club Road # S-417, Weston Fl. 33326