Lunch at the Honorable Chairman Mao Restaurant.

Work out! (The sign in the background says 我爱我家; I love my home.)

In Ditian Park.

Silvia in Ditian.

Lotus in Ditian.

Our friend's place.


Chad said...

Well WE are going to Kon Chau's Chinese New Year where, presumably, the cooks and host will do a "Dragon Dance" along Westchester Mall. At least that's what the bullietin said...


Very impressed we are.

Rossito... I love you. I feel sometimes like we are 3rd world parents and you left home. or something. "papito, suerte por alla y se me cuida que no lo roben".

Julianne said...

hey hey i love the pictures! my mom says be safe nad all that jazz.. you know her! i hope you are well.. im out of state also but only six hours away from home its not that same haha.. well talk to you soon love you night