New Year's Fair at HePingMen, which is a block from our hutong hostel. Just amazing. Yes, I ate scorpions and grasshoppers, Tibetian antelope, mysterious fruit, etc.



Anonymous said...

I'm getting hungry.


CDM said...

Hey Ross, you may not remember me but I'm friends with Becky and Betty, I met you at their going away party. Anyways, found your blog on Critical Miami.

It's amazing what you guys are doing out there... I wish I had the cojones to do it!

Say hi to Sylvia and Saul for me!! I added this blog to my blog reader so keep the posts coming!!

Good luck!


Dadkle said...

I was told by one of my chinese students that since Fireworks were made legal a year age everyone in China has been going a bit nuts over them- I didn't even know they'd been banned!