New apartment:

Ross, Silvia, Saul
DongWangZhuang 22#-3-502
Haidian District (Wudaokou)
Beijing, China


isabelmoros said...

the apartment looks huge...? i mean, to me it looks gigantic. i'm so glad you found an affordable and seemigly spacious place.

the job thing'll pan out, don't worry too much, give yourself some time.

has anyone else found work?

that picture of silvia is great...all the pictures are wonderfully descriptive; i love the one of you guys reflected on the train window.

well, rossi feel better, drink tons of fluids and eat uncooked ginseng..it'll flush you out orally and anally and you'll quite literally poop out your cold and anything else that should be expelled.

lots of love,


Anonymous said...

hey arroz, i was wondering how i would go about sending you things in the mail now that you have an address. would i need to write the address in english, chinese or both to make sure it gets to you? i think both would be the best way, so can you post what it would look like in chinese or email it to me. thanx :) it was great talking to you last night (or earlier this morning for you) lemme know what's up, say hi to silvia and saul for me. bai bai