untitled (Coral)
acrylic and oil on canvas

When my brother and I were young, our mom had a room installation in the house with neon abstract paintings, cut out images and wooden carnival animal heads.  It completely took over the entire space.  I'd love to recreate that feeling, but with a less skilled, more childish feel.

I know, this is a departure.  I've been working on several messy, bright paintings like the one above this week while listening to Maria Minerva.  I'm not 100% sure how I feel about this particular painting, but I really enjoy falling out of my very controlled zone.
Besides the fluorescent palette, I let technique go and replaced it with garishness.  Stippling, a technique I never use, has created piles of oil paint, making the surface very textural in a way I usually dislike.  The overall effect is a little Lisa Frank, drowning.  Or drunken Key West art walk.  Or Dade-County Youth fair. At best, maybe a Floridan Andreas Golder?


1 comment:

Chad said...

Have to do more of them. How fast can you make them?

Certainly is pretty. Have to see in person to get the textual feel of it.

There is a mold growth feel to it that I like, but perhaps too many painter tricks. Looks like a series of exercises to me.

That being said, I want one for me 3 x 3 feet please.