blue crystals
oil on canvas

Shiny, glittery, nonrepresentational.  I finished this in a few hours, giving it a choppy, effortless, thick-lined feel.

I'm not sure about how I'm titling these latest paintings.  Maybe I shouldn't just say what they should physically represent but rather allow it to be an abstraction?  "Untitled" is a bit harsh.  Ideas?


harumi said...

I've been looking at Cicely Brown's book a lot lately and thinking markmaking and abstruction.
I like where these paintings are going. Maybe you don't need to titled them yet. once you make more in the seriese it might come out naturally. thoguh I also like when its abstruct, but has some realistic name too. (kind of like cicely brown does)

btw, I just wanna share what she said in the book. "to me, a painting is successdul when you can look at it for several hours and it continues to reveal itself- it sets off a domino effect of associations and allusions to things that prompt memory, similar to being alone daydreaming. It's almost like an external manifestation of unconscious."
nice isn't it?

Loveyerma said...

What about something like "Scandalous" or "Controversial" or or "Sparkleness" ? Give things a serious name but only because you can, NOT because you mean it! Bigger than life!
Miss you great bunches!
Love yer ma!

ross said...

Harumi: I really, really love the Cicely Brown quote and her pornographic abstractions. Thanks for the encouragement. I actually own one of her books in Chinese.

Mom: I like the noun form, like "scandal" or "sparkle." You always have helpful suggestions. :)