This French collaborative piece features a metal ball that, when touched, enables the user to be "played" like a musical instrument when others then touch the user.  It encourages contact.

Spiraling powdered Styrofoam in an enclosed chamber, a la MSG Newness


The day after I got back to Beijing, I saw the electrifying Translife New Media art triennial at the China National Art Museum.  The work was so varied and is impressive that it's hard to describe it all.  Touch sensitive fiber optic sculpture, a deprivation chamber, music created by "reading" Amazonian electric fish, eerie windmills made of sand filled plastic bottles, moldy lemons that produce poetry.  I had this feeling of confused wonder that reminded me of when I used to visit the Miami Museum of Science as a kid.  Some pieces created a sort of mad scientist environment, complete with test tubes and dry ice.  (I saw a Korean artist at Pin gallery in 798 that had a similar but more "end of the world" feel with chipped scientific glass and metal equipment attached to wooden pulleys.)  This is really worth checking out.

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