Friendly reminder for all Americans: VOTE.

The deadline to receive an overseas absentee ballot for already registered voters is fast approaching, or for some states, already past. Check out Overseas Vote Foundation for excellent information, absentee ballot requests and deadlines for expats. Most states accept an e-mailed application, but you must send a printed and signed ballot back to the US. Use Fedex's wonderful "Express Your Vote" option for quick, safe and possibly free delivery of your vote.


Anonymous said...

Ross, a very informative note you wrote. Also, PLEASE learn about issues and how each candidate has responded to them. Make sure that you get the correct information before you vote. None of the candidates are "bad", just of different mind set. Don't let any movie star or editorial be the source of your decision.

Anonymous said...

This is a historic election, and it seems we will have a large turnout at the polls.

This being said, it's still very important to avoid complacency.

We can't assume our chosen candidates will win just because a poll says they will.

Everyone needs to vote. If you don't vote, don't complain if election results are different than what you would have chosen.