I'm here in an Internet cafe looking for part time, very basic tutoring work. There are a lot of ads up and a lot of tutoring companies rushing to find teachers, as usual. I'd like to freelance, so hopefully that'll work out. I'm only looking to teach about 10-12 hours a week for the next few months while I concentrate more fully on classes.

My life here is great, very much back to some kind of normal. The apartment still needs a lot of work, but is at least clean and feels like our home now. We have a very IKEA dining room set-up, but it's really very welcome and I'm glad we decided to spring for a more expensive apartment with a high roof and space in spades.

Classes are just great. My teacher is jokey and speaks slowly and clearly. A lot of tough Kazakh guys, a shy Colombian girl, two even more shy Korean girls, a Brazilian with a terrible speaking accent and a Costa Rican guy who seems constantly frustrated are randomly present in my class. The pace is very, very fast, but I'm trying to stay caught up. (比如"跟得上"是一样的意思,是就记得生词.)

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Please don't forget to send/post your new address- I'm glad everything is going well. Other than the destruction of my retirement fund, everything's ok here...