The trio plus our friend Ruby went to a party held at a friend's apartment. The place was really upscale with an actual bathtub and balcony furniture, things that are nearly foreign to me in my string of cheaper, Chinese apartments.

一个故事:A few days ago while riding the bus, I gave up my seat to a woman who looked really tired, who was clinging weakly to the bar above her head. We started a conversation very much in the mold of conversations I've had many times before: Where do you study? What are you doing in China? Are you French? (I get this one a lot) When I told her I was American, she asked which city. She didn't recognize Miami, but when I explained I was from the southern part of America she excitedly told me about a book she'd been reading about, as far as I could understand, the movement of Northerners to the South and a lot of loss in a family. She attempted the English name, which I couldn't understand, and so I handed her a piece of paper. On it she wrote: "Gone with the Wind" and 漂风, meaning something like "drifting in the wind." It was somehow surprising and cute.

My current life is a lot of studying, a bit of painting, and not spending my limited money. Tonight I'm heading to a German art event with my friend, Xin.



Anonymous said...

The restored area looks very well done. Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves there.
How does the historic feeling of the area hold up under close scrutiny? It seems a smart move to build on Beijings history.
It's too bad the streets original old buildings were lost- do you think historic preservation is becoming more popular in China as of late?


Anonymous said...

I meant to leave the comment above on your more recent post!

As per THIS post:
You are so French Ross. So very. very French...

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you gave up your seat on the bus to the tired woman.If you ever don't I'll be forced to spank your "French Arse".

FORMICA said...

Its so scary.. be careful